Healthy & Lucky animal

Geef deze Healthy en/of de Lucy animal een mooie plaats in je interieur en ze zullen je dagelijks met gelukkige en gezonde vibes te belonen.

Originele cadeautip!

Healthy animal (olifant) 8 cm hoogte: € 16
Lucky animal (giraf) 12 cm hoogte: € 9

Bij aankoop, krijg je volgende boodschap mee:


‘You may feel lucky, because you now have our fine Lucky Animal in hand.

The legend is that the Lucky Animal chooses it’s owner with love and consideration.

So hold on if you have been chosen.

We feel sure our Lucky Animal will bring luck for you and your loved ones.”


“We are excited to introduce Healthy Animal.

According to the history, it all started in Australia, where it lived among the Aboriginal people.

In the Aboriginal culture, a good health is symbolised by a curvy, strong body.

Our little Healthy Animal is said to keep us healthy by reminding us that good health is a balance between mind and body, which will keep us strong, vigorous, attractive and healthy through life.”